Holly Oak Chemical, Inc.

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Manufacturing Location:


 101 Case Street 

Fountain Inn, SC 29644 


Contact Us: 

1-800-55 BLEND





The Custom Blend Department specializes in scaling-up lab trials and small scale preparations to full production runs. There is a wide array of mixing options available in this area. Batches ranging from single bucket, drum, or tote orders up to multiple tanker loads per batch are routinely produced here. The area consists of:

·                                  24 Individual blend tanks

·                                  17 Storage tanks

·                                   3  Stainless steel  9,000 gallon and 1 12,000 gallon fully insulated blend tanks equipped with heating / cooling jackets and high torque variable speed mixers on load cells

·                                 Multiple floor scales to verify weights,

·                                 Warm room to melt raw materials at a temperature of 1300 F (550 C)


      Custom batches are often produced in this area.   Many products see their first scale up trials completed here as lab bench formulas are worked into full scale, reproducible and recurring production products. Come bring your R&D project to our facility and let us show you what we have to offer.